(when I forget how to talk, I sing)

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I’m not afraid of a love parade in my daydream 
Old men with kazoos and beating drums 
But I awake and I see the streets are ice cream 
It’s just you and me and oh dear, our life has just begun

Everything is beautiful here 
It’s spinning circles around my ears 
I’m finally breaking free from fear 
And it’s fading”

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Ben Javens
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All My Stars Aligned

"there are no signs and there are no stars aligned
no amulets, not a charm to bring you back to my arms
there’s just this human heart that’s built with this human flaw
what was your question? love is the answer”

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Find your punch line

Era pra ser uma playlist alegre e com músicas novas, como a nova da Lily Allen… aí resolvi colocar a música do Pavement que tem me animado e perdemos o “músicas novas”… daí que apareceu o Sparklehorse, a alegria virou aquela ~deliciosa~ melancolia de domingo que te dá preguiça de existir e encarar a segunda-feira e a playlist alegre acabou com “All your dreams are over now”. Boa semana! :P

“Finding Vivian Maier” shows that stories of difficult women can be unflattering even when they are told in praise. The unconventional choices of women are explained in the language of mental illness, trauma, or sexual repression, as symptoms of pathology rather than as an active response to structural challenges or mere preference. Biographers often treat iconoclastic women like Yoko Ono, Marie Curie, Emily Dickinson, and Vivian Maier as problems that need solving.

Vivian Maier and the Problem of Difficult Women : The New Yorker

The Fine Art Of Mixtape Seduction

"Good mixtapes take time and energy and effort and thoughtfulness. Making one for someone tells that person they’re important to you, and preserves a fleeting feeling that might have have otherwise been forgotten."

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